Co-Packing Checklist

Co-Packing Checklist – Items To Note Relating To a Co-Packing Relationship

Contract Manufacturing
Co-Packer Search
Co-Packing Negotiations
General Management
Ingredient Sourcing
Delivery of Sample Ingredients
Final Shelf Life Testing
Test Runs on Equipment
First Series of Samples
Product Revisions
Final Samples for the Trade

Product Formulations
Recipe(s) Delivery
Recipe(s) Review
Recipe(s) Testing
Formulations (Match with Facility) Ingredient Review
Ingredient Sourcing
Samples Delivered
Shelf Life Testing
Product Taste Tests
Nutrition Panels
Product Ready for Next Phases

Film and Packaging
Packaging Partner Search
Film Preparation Search
Packaging (Film)
Packaging (Caddies)
Packaging (Master Cases)
Packaging Design Merge
UPC Code Prep and Sourcing
Film Plates and Proofs
Packaging Production
Film Production